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Monday, August 24, 2009

OpalJasper & Pearls - #113

18" Necklace. Faceted Opal Jasper chunky beads, sterling silver rondelles and creamy colored pearls. Clear glass tubes complete this one-of-a-kind piece! Sterling Silver hook clasp. $92.

African Agate Cascade - #112

30" Necklace. This symmetrical piece is composed of African Agate in rondelles and ovals, with links of AB glass cubes, copper seed beads, and topaz glass. Beautiful swirled pattern in the Agate! $102.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peruvian Agate Asymmetrical - #101

27" Necklace. Aqua blue Peruvian Agate in tear-drop shapes are accented by ice blue glass to create this one-of-a-kind asymmetrical design. Necklace is completed by aqua and bronze glass beads and facted gold rounds. Gold plate over brass lobster clasp. $102.

Peruvian Agate & Bronzite - Full pic - #102

See "Detail" for description.

Peruvian Agate & Bronzite - Detail - #102

18" Necklace. Tear-drop shaped aqua blue/brown accented Peruvian Agate. Flanked by Bronzite rounds and aquamarine crystal bicones. Necklace is completed with ice blue glass and Bronzite rounds. A very striking piece! Gold plate over brass lobster clasp. $92.

Peruvian Agate, Glass - Asymmetrical - #103

26" Necklace. Asymmetrical design of aqua blue and brown Peruvian Agate; large tear-drop shape balances against two square, linked beads for a unique design. Ice blue tube-shaped glass with aqua and brass glass beads complete this necklace. Gold plate over brass lobster clasp. Really exquisite against aqua blue or brown tops! $102.

Opal Jasper, Crystal, & Onyx ( Full Pic) - #104

See "Detail" for description.

Cool Blue Peruvian Agate and Crystal - #105

21" Necklace. Striking aqua blue Peruvian Agate tear-drop shaped central bead. Faceted round gold crystals, square and tear-drop shaped twists of Peruvian Agate complete this piece. Gold plate over brass lobster clasp. $98.

Fire & Peruvian Agate - #106

19" Necklace. Central Agate round bead, flanked by faceted gold rondelles and clear crystal. Tear-drop shaped Peruvian Agate, Fire Agate rounds, and gold bicones complete the necklace. Gold plate over brass lobster clasp. $92.

White Coral, Onyx, & Agate - #107

39" Necklace. This eclectic variety of gumball size White Coral beads, Onyx rounds, clear crystal, Agate and black crystal twists, cascades in a lovely asymmetrical design. You can dress it up or down. Wonderfully weighty and substantial! $112.

Sardonyx, Onyx & Crystal - #108

33" Necklace. Every element of this piece sparkles with gumball size Sardonyx (onyx with stripes!), luminous tube-shaped Onyx, and clear crystal. Two unique ovals of Agate balance one another to complete this unusual asymmetrical design. $108.

Opal Jasper, Crystal, & Onyx (Detail) - #104

33" necklace in yummy variety of rectangular Opal Jasper, Onyx rounds, Swarovski crystal black bicones, sterling silver rondelles, clear glass accents, finished with a chunky sterling silver plated lobster clasp. This is a weighty piece (literally!) and sparkles at every angle. Looks fabulous on black! $112.

Cherry Quartz, Bronzite & Crystal - #109

18" Necklace. Cherry Quartz central bead, flanked by faceted gold crystal and rondelles of Bronzite. Bronzite rounds, Cherry Quartz pillars and ovals complete the necklace. Gold plate over brass lobster clasp. $86.

Cherry Quartz, Bronzite & Agate - #110

18" Necklace. Cherry Quartz central stone, flanked by faceted brown glass. Large Agate beads (which can be flipped for a different look). Bronzite rounds and Cherry Quartz pillars and ovals complete the piece. Gold plated over brass lobster clasp. $88.